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Head Coach Stein
Name:Patti Stein
Email:Not available without sign-in.
Coach Denning
Name:Ann Denning
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College(s):SCSU: '05-'06 CW Post: '06-'09 (graduating May 10th)
Specialties:Defense and Goalies
Awards:Member of the 2007 DII National Champions team Member of the 2008 DII National Championship runner up team
I graduated in 2009 from CW Post with a BA in Political Science. 
      I transferred to Post my sophomore year, from Southern Connecticut State University.  While at Southern I played both Field Hockey and Lacrosse. During the Lacrosse season I volunteered to play Goalie, my previous experience had been defense. We had no goalie and no one that was willing to play except for myself. There we tied the school record of just 3 wins for the season. It was a huge learning experience for me. 
                I began my sophomore year at Post, where I continued to play two sports. Once again I decided to play in goal, although not my first choice. I was the backup goalie to the number one goalie in DII at that time. I also had the great advantage of having a defense that had a 6 goals against average. I benefited greatly from the time I spent in cage there. In 2007 we went to Salem Va. and won the DII National Championship. The following year, while playing defense, we returned to the Championship only to lose to West Chester by one.  
                At some point in my junior year I sustained a partial tear in my labrum. It’s the part of the arm where the bicep inserts into the shoulder. This left me unable to play sports my last year. It has however, allowed for me to join this blossoming program. I hope to share my love and passion for this game.  
              I have nothing by high hopes and expectations for these great female athletes.

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